Sunday, April 26, 2009

While he was away.....

I had such a fun Saturday!!!! Of course Anthony had to go to school all day so I decided to find entertainment for myself. To begin my fantastic Saturday I met my family at the Layton Olive Garden for lunch to celebrate Varinia's (sister in laws) birthday. We had soooo much fun! Here are some pictures from that event...

Me and sister Kristi. Looking super happy to be eating soon

Russel and Crystal. Family friends, but basically family. Russel just got back from the Boston Marathon. He did a fantastic job!!! 26 miles in 3 hours! Impressive!

Varinia, Jaden, and Josh

Mom and Dad

MMMMM Bread and Water

Jaden is so hilarious. We wuv him!


After eating I decided to swing by Shanna's house since she lives in Farmington. Shortly after arriving we decided to go to Tai Pan. We walked around for an hour and a half. Then we had to leave due to the place closing down for the night. Heres 3 horribly corning shots.

We were in the fruit section forEver! We were looking for something for Shannas house. After all of that she decided to get some lemons and limes for a vase that she has. She has recently decided to take them all back tho.

Such a beautiful specimen.....this apple was!

This was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. I just had to share it.

After Tai Pan we went home, messed around with the infamous plastic fruit. We didn't want to be stuck at home so we then decided to go get a treat at Dairy Queen.

Then we drove all over the place for at least 2 hourish. For some reason we just didn't want to be at the house. Summer (her roommate) had worked all day and had to be up early the next day so we didn't want to bug her. So we took a road trip. Shanna showed me all the places they thought of moving into. Lots of childhood memories and reminiscing went on. We also drove as high as we could go in the Bountiful neighborhoods. After that we drove back and realized it was already 12 lol. I drove home, got in bed and then Anthony got home a little later....I can't tell you what time though because I was long gone by then....That was my Saturday. Such a fun day! Sorry this was so long.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hotdogs roasting on an open fire...

Our Anniversary was on Thursday. I probably saw Anthony for 10 minutes that day though. He has been finishing up his finals and keeping up with work. This entire week he has been getting home no earlier than midnight, I was quite pleased when I heard he would be home around 8 yesterday. I got him a fire pit for our "patio". I wanted so bad to sit out and roast a hot dog. I got everything all ready and right as we walked outside, it started to rain. Luckily there was a little tiny fireplace that came with it. We put it on the table, grabbed an umbrella and started roasting. Then after dinner we watched 7 pounds. It was a great movie. Be prepared to sob tho. I also got him a photography Murse as I like to call it. He had a camera bag but it was so small and he couldn't fit all of his lens in it. It was so nice to finally have a date with him. It has been MONTHS! School is out next Wednesday. I plan on spending lots and lots of time with him this summer.

OKAY, there are so many things wrong about this picture. First of all, I have no makeup on. He had told me he might be home early, but I honestly didn't plan on it. So around 7 I washed my makeup off......PLUS allergies have just about killed me. Please don't judge! We both just look beaten down to the core. But I wanted to put this up so people actually think that we are married. We don't have any pictures together because hes been busy. This is proof! As hideous as it is.

He looks super tired in both of these. This is in the morning right after he woke up on Thursday. Please disregard the ghetto fridge in the background. It died out about a month ago and we have to get rid of the old one. So there it sits, in the kitchen. I realize it is extremely white trash.

Anths cupcakes. He brought the pot home the same night....completely empty (:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary-April 23

I always read other peoples blogs about their anniversaries. I always find them kind of corny. With that said, I would like to write about that very same thing. So for those of you who have the patience to read through this without yawning or passing judgment....bless u!

Me and Anthony have been married for 4 years now. I was so little! A wee 18 year old. So immature and unsure about everything (most of the time I still am). It almost amazes me that we have made it this far. I have had so much to learn, so much growing to do. Has it been hard? Of course! Do we fight and argue sometimes? Most definitely! But most importantly do I know that he will always be the person that I want to crawl into bed with? Is he the man that I want to hold hand in hand with 40 years down the road? Hopefully you all know that the answers to those questions is an unwavering YES! I love that he will always make fun of my ugly toes and that he laughs at the dumbest TV shows. I love (most of the time) that he is so dedicated to his work . I love his curly hair. I love the way he smells after getting ready in the morning. I love that he kisses me goodbye every single morning before he leaves. There are many other things about him. I'm going to be realistic. Sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy! But I love him, and I know that he loves me too.....ugly toes and all. I truly look forward to the many many years ahead with him.

Happy Anniversary Anthony!
I love you dearly!

Anniversary Treat

I made this for Anthony. I was planning on taking it to his work in the morning. Then I realized that he will see it in the fridge in the morning before he leaves lol. Therefore I'm going to put a lil note with it advising him to take it to work with him to share the cupcakes with his friends. I don't want to see them again. It took forever and heaven knows I don't need to eat any. I will post about the gift I got him tomorrow. I doubt he will get on here and look, but just in case.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite treat!

This is what I have done today. I have been making this treat for about 3 years. Its so simple and every time I make it, it never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Its not just yummy, but beautiful to look at.

THIS IS ALL YOU NEED. STRAWBERRIES, SUGAR, ALMOND EXTRACT, AND CREAM CHEESE. (The regular recipe calls for vanilla instead of almond extract, but I like the taste of almond extract better).

Combine a whole package of cream cheese with 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar (I use splenda), then I pour in some almond extract. I honestly don't measure anything. Just poor a lil in, stir it up and if it needs more, then by golly add more.

I only used half a package today. Do NOT use low fat cream cheese (lesson learned by my sister Kristi, it taste weird and the texture is all wrong!)

Next wash strawberries and cut the bottom of the strawberry off. This allows it to stand on its on.

Then cut the top off.

Next take the innards out, I use a melon scoop for this part.

Now place the cream in a baggie, cut the tip and use it as a icing bag. Squirt the cream in the strawberry.

They can be finished if you like it, but I like to spice them up a lil bit.

Add a couple slivers of almonds on top

Then I get my special lil grater and sprinkle some chocolate on top

And SHA BAM!!!!

My favorite treat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today was such a great day! For the last month or so me, Shanna, and Summer have been getting ready for the marathon. Okay so we only had to prepare for the 5k, but it still was really exciting. Last night me and Shanna stayed at the Anniversary Inn since it is so close to the starting line. Summer was smart and stayed home because she knew she wouldn't get much sleep with us. Me and Shanna didn't fall asleep until 1am. We were definitely feeling quite a bit of regret when the alarm went off at 6am this morning. As we approached the starting line with hundreds of other people we heard over the speakers "30 more seconds!!!". We had got there right at the perfect time!

The race was great. I had shin splits almost the entire way until about 20 minutes before the end lol. I really need to work on stretching and warming up before hand. The race ended at the Gateway and it was so exciting to see all the supporters and hearing everyone cheer! I wish that it would have been a little bit longer. We decided that we would do another one in September. Then we will work extra hard to try to accomplish the half marathon next year, which is 14 miles. Its a good goal. I never knew how much I would enjoy being in a marathon. It was so inspiring to see everyone trying so hard. I cannot say enough about it, I enjoyed every second of it. I took some pics with my phone. Enjoy!

The STARTING LINE!!! We were so excited to start!

Summer and Shanna. Such a fantastic action shot. lol!

THE FINISH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all the people! It was packed!

Feelin good! Walking back to the car

At the finish line

More corny pics. Remember....we got up really early

We were acting like we were crossing the finish line, lol....I know...I'm kind of embarrassed too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had a really busy day today. I finally got to sleep in which felt fantastic. After searching deeply into my heart for some motivation I finally got up and got ready for the day. I got my oil changed (thanks Mike!), picked up Anth's pill, picked up the marathon packet from the salt palace downtown, and finally came back home and decided to take a walk.

As soon as I stepped outside, I almost regretted my decision. It is FREEZING!!! But I was so proud of myself for actually even thinking about it. I knew I had to continue on. Here's some pictures to prove that I actually went. Come along with me on my walk.....

This is the trail. It is probably about half a mile from my house. It runs right along the freeway. Its scary during the night (even with a friend). So I never stay out past 7:00. Don't forget, I live on the wessssssst side.

This is what I got to wade through. Poop, Poop, and more Poop!!!

This is what makes the poop. These are the mean mean geese. Last week when I went, there was a mean one that almost attacked me. I ran like I have never ran before!

This is me.... It was about 40 outside. Do I look cold?

This is right by my house, these are the nice ducks. This mommy made some very cute babies. And whats even better is that I know in my heart she would never hurt me.....Stupid geese!

These are my tired feet. For some reason I felt it was important that this dumb pic be taken. I pray that they will walk me past the finish line on Saturday at the marathon.