Monday, September 15, 2008

"Lindsey, have YOU been drinking tonight?"

I have to tell everyone my story of me and Shanna in Boise...I know its hard to imagine anything worth talking about in Boise but this is excellent. So we left around 4:00 from Salt Lake to Boise. We planned on staying at the Anniversary Inn for the night then getting up and heading out for our hideous 8 hour trip to Seattle. On our way there Shanna got a hold of her friend and we decided to meet her for dinner at the local bar....the reef. So as we were walking to the bar Shanna asked me if it was alright if she got a drink. I don't drink she is always asking me if it is okay, what a considerate friend. So during dinner (I got a salad...with an eyelash in it lol gross!!) I got up and excused myself to the bathroom and when I returned Shannas friend had convinced her to get a second drink. She asked me if i was okay with driving us the rest of the way to the inn. Of course i said yes but instantly i knew i didnt want to for 2 reason....1. I hate driving other peoples cars. I can barely handle my own. 2. I don't know my way around Boise and I didnt have alot of faith in myself to get us back to the inn.

After dinner got over and the bar was closing (it was around 10:30...yeah quite the hoppin bar) we started walking down the street to shannas car. "Hey Linds, I can drive, I'm not feeling to buzzed." I thought about it and said ok....then thought better of it and yanked the keys from her. (this gets better, i swear).......
So I get in the car and the first thing i ask is "How do i turn the lights on?"
"They are automatic, don't worry about it"

So I pull out of the parking lot, go around one corner and what do i see in the rear view mirrors??? YES.....It was a cop pulling us over!!!!!!
"Shanna we are getting pulled over!!!!!!"
"No we arent! We haven't even done anything, keep on going"

I pull over, remember she was drunk, I didnt feel like trusting her instincts at the time lol. The cop comes up and this is the conversation that went on...

Copper: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Copper: Your lights were off!!!!
(shanna thinks of giggling but contains herself...this was serious...stay focused)
Copper: License and registration
(shanna begins digging through the glove box)
Copper:Lindsey, what have you been doing tonight?
Linds:We just got done eatting. (i know this was dumb because who just eats dinner at 1030)
Copper: Dinner huh? Where at?
Linds: The Reef
Copper: And you just had dinner? Lindsey is this your car?
Shanna: This is my car, I had a couple of drinks and so Lindsey is driving for me.
Copper: Lindsey, have you been drinking???
Linds:NOOOO! I dont drink!!! (LOL)
Copper: Lindsey, Take your seatbelt off please.
(I am now freaking out)
(Shanna is still trying not to laugh and is digging in the glove box, the registration she gave to the cop expired in june...which she knew lol)

The cop begins to tell me to put my hands on the windowsill. He then tell me to follow his finger with my eyes but i am not suppose to move my head.....So what do i do? well of course i move my head.....LOL.....
Linds:Wait!! start over!

He does it one more time and although i failed the test he let us go with a warning. Mostly because i think he knew i was telling the truth because of the fear in my eyes. As we pulled away we both started bursting out laughing.
All night in bed we would spuratically bust out in giggles. But after thinking about it i kind of freaked out! What if i would have let her drive? she would have been taken to jail and me and her car would have been stranded in Boise......I cant think of anything worse in life. Me in Boise!!! AUGHHH!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I miss you seattle!!!

Me and my good friend Shanna just got back from Seattle about a week ago. Her husband works up there and she only gets to see him once every month or so. She got to see him one of the nights we were there. Hopefully he will be moving back to Utah soon. We were up there for 6 days. It was a blast! We went downtown to the pike place market and walked through all the shops and watched the men throw the fish around. We also went to the space needle and took an underground tunnel of the city. We also drove to tacoma to the museum of glass and saw some awesome artist blow some glass. My favorite stop was the fremont troll. Its under this massive bridge just about 15 miles from downtown. Under the aurora bridge in fremont. Its about 30 feet tall. We only stopped for a couple of minutes and it was hard to find (thank goodness for the tomtom) but it was totally worth it. I wish that I could move there. Its so beautiful there and everyone is so happy when the sun comes out, although the weather was beautiful the entire time we were there. It was nice to just hang out with shanna. We both think we are just the most hilarious people on the planet. So the 12 hour drive was totally a blast. I want to go back sooooo soon!