Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pathetic Saturday Night

You know you are having a lame Saturday night when you have listened to This times. i'm not being honest. I have listened to it 4 times, then I minimized the window and tried to sing it without the lyrics. Then since I didn't pass my own lyrics test, I listened to it at least 3 more times. Where is the world is Anthony is the real question? Stupid school! I haven't seen him at all today. What a sad Saturday we both are having.....Random thought....I miss the 90's.

P.S. I need a lesson on how hyperlinks work.....see, if I was in the 90's it wouldn't be a big deal....but these times we are in now....its just shameful.

Rascal Flatts Night

Every year I get the grand opportunity to go to Rascal Flatts with my mom. She is so funny during concerts. She gets all giddy when they come on stage and when I don't clap or when I'm ready to sit down she scolds me and gets me all pumped up again lol. We got really good seats this year again. Row 20 on the floor....not too shabby. It will never beat the year we were on the 6th row (also the same concert that I ripped my shirt off!!! I threw it around in the air and Jay signed it....This is a true story, go to my moms house, she kept the shirt lol) but this was an awesome concert. Their stage set up was amazing. It went all around the floor. When they would come on our right side they were about 10 feet away. It was awesome. Of course I took pics on my camera but once again...I can't find my cord. So I took some on my phone too. They are horrid but at least u can kind of see how close we were. Jessica Simpson opened for them. It was brutal. She once again forgot the lyrics for about 15 seconds, and she was just so annoying. Plus her laugh is something I just can't handle. Anyways thanks mom for taking me! I had a great time! You are always so fun to play with! Love ya tons!

Joe Don! He is my moms favorite lol. Took bad this turned out so weird. I have a good one on my camera tho.....just wait! One day I will show you fo realz!

This is the end

This is the picture that joe don sent to my phone....and every other person there lol. All I had to do was text him and then here came this awesome picture. Now of course i'm signed up for something and I keep getting reminders to buy their cd on april 7. LOL

This is my favorite pic (from my phone). At the end they dumped a ton of confetti. It was a magical moment lol. We look so happy hahaha. I still have confetti in my purse....I really should clean it out lol.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spontaneous hair cut (pretty boring post)

I have been trying to grow my hair out for awhile. If you know anything about me, you know that I have naturally curly hair and most the time I rebel against the curls and have spent hours upon hours in front of the mirror straightening those nasty curls out. My hair got looOOooOong. The longer my hair gets the heavier it gets, which means that on those days that i am too lazy to straighten it, i have to go curly. But when its heavy the curls don't work so well. Life is tough, I know. So anyways, Shanna told me the other day that she was getting her hair done. So I decided I would invite myself and get mine done to. This is how it turned out. Mindi (super cute hair cutter person) cut at least 4 inches and then put some red and caramel colored tints in. We had our hair done at Mindi's house, which was in Layton. It was enjoyable listening to the 3 young girls and their dad banter back and forth about bed time, picking up their toys, and not fighting with each other. All in all, it was a great night. And I'm pretty happy with the color.

I just took this pic, I worked all i went to the gym. Please don't judge how tired I look....Thanks!

This picture shows the color better....and its all cutely curled.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

soap and cards

So for Valentine's Day I decided I would make a lil gift for all the girls at work. Since most of us at work are trying to watch our weight.....okay well just me and Shanna. I decided to make things easier for us, so I made some yummy smelling soap. Basically all you need to do is buy a big brick of glycerin soap, melt it down, add food coloring and scents and voila! I used cucumber melon and pear berry. I don't have a great picture of the ones that I made, so I just stole the picture from Martha's page. Martha's obvioulsy turned out much better than mine. I used X's and O's and lots of different size heart cookie cutters. It was so fun, I highly sugguest it to anyone with a spare hour or two. Heres the link. Martha's Soap.

I put 4 or 5 pieces of soap in lil bags with red and white confetti then tied it up with pretty ribbon. Also with each bag I made a card for each employee. I made 11 in one cramming session. It took at least 4ish hours. Its hard to make that many all at once, especially when they are all different. Heres some of them. I only took a couple of pic.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Dream Room

I had a dream the other night. It was a dream about my future bedroom. In my dream my dad came over to our house to help paint the walls. (probably because it took so long for me and Anth to get the office painted) ***Me and Anth meaning...just Anth LOL, we all know that I didn't help much). This is what the walls looked like......
It's beautiful! It also looks like a lot of work. I showed Anthony and he wasn't too impressed. He's an Architect you know....he has his own big ideas. But it was a dream.....a vision! To me that means I better listen to my brain and get it done. Maybe in the summer. I hope! Maybe the walls all striped out. With either red accents or electric blue (whatever blue this font color is.....sea blue? I really have no clue what color blue this is, but I like it alot!).....eeeew the possibilities. What do you think? Lets take a vote...stripes or no stripes?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Unwelcomed visit to the ER (another doozie of a post)

It all began with a roast. First of all, I consider myself a pretty good wife when Anthony is eating something other than 3 granola bars and a mountain dew for dinner. I was feeling pretty fantastic when I had made this fantastic roast. You know the kind...when its so moist and falls apart. Anyways, we had an enjoyable dinner on Thursday night of roast beef sandwiches. Then came Friday....leftover night. Anthony came home around 6ish. I had already ate. If you know me at all. you know that I wait for no one when i'm hungry. When he got home I prepared his sandwich. He took 1 bite...mmmm.......then a 2nd and then he just sat there. His face kind of went red and he said that it was going down slow.

This is nothing new. He is always having a rough time swallowing things. I usually pester him and tell him that maybe he should start chewing better. Usually it takes about 30 seconds then hes fine. This time was different. He went to the bathroom and he started throwing up. This went on for about 4 hours. So finally around 11:30 we decided to go to the hospital. This is how the remaining night went.

12:00-12:30 we stood outside in the cold. Anthony would spit/throw up the entire time
***The meat was stuck in his esophagus so when he would swallow any liquids, it would have no where else to go but back up.*****

Finally we got into the room. The dr gave him some nitro to put under his toungue and hooked him up to an iv with some weird medicine that was suppose to relax his throat and then some pepto to try and calm his stomach. Seconds after they gave him this medicaine his skin turned a scary yellowish pale color. He started shaking really bad and he was dry heaving. It was so scary! This didn't work. They tried it a second time. This also didn't work.

4:00am Lindsey starts to get extremely grumpy
I figured he could throwup at home lol. That is so selfish of me, but I was exhausted!!! I went out to the dr and said "I think hes ready to go home" LOL so selfish! The dr came in and said "okay he can leave if he can drink this water and keep it down". I knew I was doomed. Anth took one sip and threw it up immediately. The doc then told us we would have to go to another hospital to get a endoscopy......DUN DUn dUn! Our appointment was at 7:00.

We left the hospital a lil after 4:00. I got Anthony all bundled on the couch with his spit cup. Then I showered. Around 6 we left for downtown. After walking around the hospital campus for about 15 minutes we finally found the right building. Anth was called into the back room and I was left in the lobby. Then I embarressed myself. I was nodding off so bad. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Remember, I am no partyier. I don't stay up past midnight....ever!! So this was just too much for me. Apparently I nodded off and then I was awoken by my own loud SNORE!!! It was so humiliating I looked around and everyone was looking at me. I apologized. Then left the lobby and cried. Mostly cuz i was tired and worried....and I was embarressed.

The cute old dr finally called me back 2 hours later and told me they couldn't wake anth up. LOL I tried my best and finally after pleading to him to wake up so i could go to bed he woke up enough to get him in a wheel chair to take him home.....

What the dr had to say....

Apparently he is allergic to something that is causing acid to erode the sides of his asophogus. It is causing swelling to the point that is is a strugggle to swallow large objects sometimes. They took a bioposy to see what he may be allergic to. We will find out within a week or two. So from now on he has to take anti acidic pills. Poor guy. We got home around 10am. Then we crashed until 4 that afternoon. It was quite the ordeal. It was kind of funny as we were driving home tho. He had lots of questions. And he was really funny all drugged up. Thats really the only good that came from all of it.

It was a crappy weekend. But at least we know whats going on now and hopefully those pills will prevent it from happening again.....Oh I took some pics of it....enjoy

This is what I looked at from 1-2am Notice his pretty pink bed pan at the end of the sad

He was so exhausted by now. His throat was sore from throwing up.

This is when he got that scary medicine. Poor guy. I was so worried!

This is me trying to wake him up after the endoscopy. hahah he looks so sweet.

HAHA this one is funny to us now. He can barely keep his eyes open and his head is heavy from the drugs. Poor guy. I'm glad hes all better. Love ya hun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Side Job Experience (A long post)

Lindsey has a side job. Lets take a couple guesses of what it may be....Hmmm maybe working at a scrapbooking store part time? whole paycheck would be spent on paper, ribbon, ink and such. Do I work at the mall in a clothing store? No, I'm not so great with high pressure sales. Let me just tell you....Lindsey counts cars. (haha this is starting to sound like that Seinfeld episode..."Jimmy's new in town" LOL classic)

So what does a car counter do exactly? Well, there's this lil nifty board, it has a little diagram of an intersection on it. Then rows of buttons. When a car turns left.....well by golly, I push the left button. When a car goes straight...well you guessed it, I push the straight button. You should see the excitement when a car does a U turn. Its intense. Anyways, I do this every once in awhile. Its only for 2 hours and the pay is great. They use the information to see if intersections needs stops signs or lights. At least that's what I've been told. I haven't done this for awhile because their hasn't been a need for at least 2 months. I was ecstatic the other day when I received an email seeing if I was available. I instantly emailed back proclaiming my love to counting. I soon got an email saying, "I'm sorry we have enough people now." Of course I was heart broken. But then luck came my way in the form of a phone call last night. One of the counter's car broke down, so I could do it now. YAY!

She sent me the information and omgosh! It was an on/off ramp. That's intense. So I show up and me and some girl I have never met, walk down to the side of the road to see if we could park somewhere.....nope. We have to sit on the side of the road. Okay time to travel down imagination road. If you could just picture this for a moment, me sitting on a folding chair, on the side of the road in 30 degree weather. My nose is running like a faucet and I am sitting next to some random chick I have never met. All I wanted to do is turn my zune on and stick my pretty pink headphones into my ears. Of course if this was someone else's life that would be no problem, but because its me I dealt with this.....

I pull out my zune from my purse
Random Girl: "Oh, your going to put your headphones on?"
Me: "Umm yeah"
Random Girl: "Oh I was really hoping we could get to know each other a little better."

I put my headphones away. I then listen to her for 2 hours straight. I gave her some advice about what managers look for in an employee. She went on about Valentines Day. This is her first year with a serious boy friend and she doesn't know what to get him. She just got a new apartment, she feels bad that her dad pays for her rent. Her mom just got a teaching job, after years of working at small jobs such as the grocery store and McDonald's, she finally gets to use her degree.....BLAH....BLah....BlAh...BLAH!!!

I'm sorry. I sound rude, but two hours of pushing buttons while people in their car stare at you, wondering what the heck you are doing is hard to do, especially with someone talking non stop. Maybe if the weather was nice. Maybe if my feet weren't freezing. Maybe if my hands weren't bleeding from the dry cold weather. Maybe if I didn't have snot running down my face. Maybe then I would have been more social, more outgoing, and more willing to give advice. But at that moment....I was not! So to you, random chick, I apologize. And to all of you fellow workers out there.....I hope you have a more pleasant side job.

Monday, February 2, 2009

road downtown

Anthony has a Architecture Photography class that he is taking this semester. I love it when he has photography classes because I get to display his work around the house. Hes pretty good. Tonight he had to go around and take some pictures. So I got all bundled up and got to go with. I was all packed up. I brought my Zune, a bag of Jolly Ranchers and a scarf and I was set. We went to Trolly Square, Memory Grove Park and the City and County Building. I had a good time with him. Here's a pic that I took from the mini with my phone lol. Love you Man! Thanks for letting me go, although I know I'm a huge distraction. Keep up the good work!