Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Shauna and Jill both tagged me in this.

#1 The Nanny family that I lived with right out of high school were really athletic. The husband was an Olympic ski jump coach. One night me and Anthony came back from the pet store and I walked into the house and screamed "I got crabs!". I walked around the corner to find a whole kitchen full of Olympic skiers. I realized how horrible it must have sounded.

#2 My favorite things to purchase are dvds.

#3 In Jr High I HAD to redo my bedroom! And it HAD to be purple. I finally got my parents to let me. The walls were purple, my bedspread was purple, my mirror was purple. EVERYTHING was purple. About a month later I decided that my least favorite color is purple.....I still agree.

#4 I really really really would like Anthony to design me a house with a turret library.

#5 My cat (spooks) was 21 when she passed away (last year). We got her a year after I was born. I miss her!

#6 I eat at Cafe Rio WAAAAY too much.

#7 I was going to be named Amber....Yeah doesn't fit...AT ALL! Thanks Mom and Dad! You made the right choice!

#8 I am so ashamed, but I love Family Guy.

#9 Out of all the vacations that I have taken, Depot Bay, Oregon will always be my favorite....Sorry New York! (Shanna, Seattle is my 2nd)

#10 I always anticipate the arrival of the mail! Sunday and federal holidays are always hard days for me.

#11 I freak out when I'm in line ordering food. Regardless if i'm ready or not I will quickly blurt something out because I don't want to make anyone have to wait. 80% of the time I instantly regret what I have ordered.

#12 I had a conversation with Shanna today while driving back from Logan. I told her what I would take if I was dropped on an island with 3 items (yes I know...Its a long drive, give me a break) #1 toothbrush #2 Toothpaste #3 a book on edible plants. It was kind of a one sided conversation because she never told me what she would take. (: For another drive I guess.

#13 I am most relaxed when I can sit down and craft. If I had the time and money I would make something new everyday. I love to learn new things and techniques.

#14 Kate Gossling, from the tlc show Jon and Kate plus 8, is my hero! She inspires me every episode and I wish I could meet her in person. Also that show has made me want twins....BAD!

#15 When I was born, the doctors thought I had down syndrome because of how small my ears were/are. The top of my right ear is fused to my head. When I wear sunglasses I have to tuck the right handle of the glasses into my hair because....well there's no ear to tuck it behind lol. sometimes my sunglasses look lopsided because of this...its awesome.

#16 I love a man with curly brown hair (:

#17 I love to read! I look forward to Book Club every month!

#18 My favorite memory of me and my sister Kristi when we were younger, is when we recorded a radio station. We sang and made commercials. I remember the one where she advertised creamier butter. I hope to come across that tape again. Its hilarious.

#19 Also me and Kristi had a tape that we would always listen to. It was of different songs about animals. We still sing our favorite sometimes....Its the peacock song...I will sing it now....

"Peek at a peacock don't let him see, his tail will be normal as normal can be. Then if he sees you and isn't afraid, he'll spread out his tail for a wondrous parade!"

#20 When I was younger my dad brought home 3 frogs that had been found in a space shuttle that had just returned from space. We named them cosmo, astro, and some other gay space name.

#21 If I had it my way, fall would be all year round. I love everything about the fall. The weather, leaves, colors.....EVERYTHING!

#22 I think I have a split personality. I am extremely loud most of the time, then I have my other side....mute child. My whole high school years I was the mute child. It was so frustrating to me when people would tell me I was so shy...I really wasn't, mostly I just didn't want to talk to people....maybe I was a snob, who knows!

#23 My favorite meal is chicken picatta, garlic potatoes, and asparagus. MMMMMM

#24 When my brother finished his mission we went to pick him up from the airport. Everyone took their turn to hug him. When it was my turn I ran up and gave him a big huge bear hug, he immediately pushed me away and acted really weird. My mom said "Josh its Lindsey!" He didn't recognize me at all. It was really awkward!

#25 I have a red eared slider turtle. His name is GOOODER. He is really mean. But I know he loves me with all his heart. And I love him too!!!!

I tag
*Shanna & Summer*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first quilt

I got this finished about a week ago. I finally found my camera, but alas, now I can't find the freakin cord. So once again, I apologize for the quality of the pic. I took Shanna's advice and decided to just make a simple blanket before I start on the tougher ones. I'm really glad I did. It looks okay from far away, but boy o boy its hilarious when you look up close. I'm going to keep on practicing so I can make some really cute ones. It's not bad for a first time though, especially since I got a "D" in sewing class in Jr High. Oh I have to tell about my first trip to Joann's to get fabric.

First of all I went after work. I looked and felt disgusting but I knew if I didn't go on my way home I wouldn't ever find the motivation to go later that day. I had to park about a mile away or at least it felt that way. Picture Walmart or Target on a Saturday evening....yes it was that bad. I figured it was from the popular store next door. I walk in and to my amazement it was packed! There were women EVERYWHERE! I grabbed the ad that was located at the front of the building and realized that fabric was 50% off all fabric (great!). I was happy that I was getting a deal but I always was overwhelmed. I was hoping to be able to go in and ask the employees for suggestions and advice but clearly that wasn't going to happen. I was pushed, and bumped and one lady ran over my foot with her cart. It was like black Friday all over again! I walked around the store for about an hour and a half. I felt as if my head was spinning lol.

I finally pick up a fabric and immediately a lady looks at me and said "Are you really going to take that one?". I was shocked! I immediately shot back "Well of course!". She shot her big nose back up in the air and walked off. After getting all of my supplies I went to the counter to get it cut...I soon realized you had to grab a number. The number they were serving was 7. I was in the 20's...I think 23, I can't really remember now. It was just amazing to me! Its fabric! I have never bought fabric, I'm use to buying paper and all the stuff that goes along with scrapbooking and card making. I've seen woman go berserk over those type of things, but this was just at a whole new level! I really hope I never get to that point in life.

Anyways, I realize this is way too long. I hope you all are having a great week! I'm off to Logan tomorrow again to work at the front desk. Luckily they are letting us spend the night in a room again! yay! African Safari here I come!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I VOW..................

So lately I have been trying to better myself. Me and Shanna go to the gym 3 times a week. Which has worked out really well. So far I'm pretty impressed with us. Some days there is nothing I would rather do less than driving to the gym after working a 8ish hour day. Also I just have to mention that sometimes it takes us longer to park than actual working out! Its a nightmare downtown I tell ya!!!

But we have been really strong. I decided after doing this for 2 weeks that I should get on the scale and see how things were looking......dun dun dun....I gained 4 pounds (that is not a typing error, as sad as it may sound) . Lets just say I wasn't impressed, at all. I decided that exercise alone just isn't going to cut it, clearly. So here it goes....a challenge!!! There are 3 things that I would like to do that I think will kick start the weight loss.

I VOW.........
#1 Drink 3 bottles of water a day!
Explanation-I hardly drink any water, I figure the more water I drink the less room I will have in my tummy for junk food. It makes sense to me.
#2 Eat one fruit and vegetable a day.
Explanation-Really? you need this explained? Its just healthy yo!
#3 Make healthier decisions
Explanation-Wheat instead of White, water instead of soda, etc., etc, etc

Every week I'm hoping to be able to blog about how victorious I have embarrassing will that be if after just a week I have to say that I was a fat kid and then that I only drank 2 bottles during the whole week......oh how shameful! Wish me luck!!! I need it!

****Oh p.s I want everyone to know that when i say 3 bottle I don't mean actual 3 bottles...I will reuse.....Go Green Or Go Home.....or something!****

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Must HAVE!

T Is this not the most BEAUTIFUL quilt you have ever seen? I think I am going to buy the book. Its by Joelle Hoverson. I have never made a quilt before. It looks pretty intimidating. I'm hoping that the book will have a pretty good step by step guide. I love that there is so much potential for creativity. So many different colors and patterns. YAY!!!!!! I think it would look nice with our name stitched in the middle. Let me know if you have made anything like this and if there is any advice before I begin.
***Aww I can't stop stareing at it......its so LOVELY!!!***

Saturday, January 10, 2009

so productive!

Took care of the whole laundry situation
Got my hair trimmed
Signed up at a gym
Worked out
Went Tanning
Took a weed whacker to my eyebrows

And its only 4:00!!! I love days like this when I've been so super duper productive. Its very rare. Now that my legs feel like jello I think I'm going to crawl up on the couch with a blanket and read a good book. I would like to read both of these in the next two weeks.

The Good Thief-Hannah Tinti

Multiple Blessings-Jon and Kate Gosselin

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey Everyone! Somehow the whole right side of my blog vanished. Which meant all my friends and family blogs. So sad. I added as many as I could find. Some of you were unable to be added because I couldn't find your page. 2 or 3 were private and I had deleted the invitation just a couple of days ago from my email. If your not on my list please send me a comment. I love keeping up with you. Thanks! Love you all tons!

***It has been super screwy for the last day or two, its gonna take some work to get it all fixed.........check out the wicked code at the bottom of the page...BOOOO***

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A night in Vegas

So me and Shanna decided we would head to Vegas last night. We left the men folk at home and packed up our bath salts. Here are some pics from our trip. They are crappy cuz i left my camera back at I had to use my phone. We played pool, Poker (I won of course), and pin ball. disregard the pic of me in my pjs.....I know....they may be comfortable but I really shouldn't feel okay with the world seeing them. I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend.

Hahah we tried so hard to get a pic together...clearly it didn't work

Shanna showing off her wicked balancing skills!

This is me fillin up my bike.....(in my a random room.....okay yeah im lying)

This is the tub I relaxed in! It was huge! The view was awesome!

This is me kicking Shannas trash!

This is Shanna! She is much better at Pool!

This is how we roll!