Monday, July 27, 2009

Bear Lake

Bear Lake was beautiful! Me, Jill and Shanna spent the day there on Thursday. We spent the night up at the Anniversary Inn Wednesday night and around 1 we headed to the lake. After spending many hours splashing and soaking up the sun, we were just too exhausted to make it back to Salt lake so we all bunked up at the Inn again on Thursday night. It was a blast.

I really don't have any funny stories besides driving away from the beach with the trunk hanging open (luckily none of our stuff came out)....o and besides driving all the way from Bear Lake to Logan with the emergency break on (luckily it wasn't my car and it seems to be doing fine)---insert appropriate apology to Shanna :)---

We were told that the lake was extremely cold, which caused some anxiety on the way there. Fortunately for us the Lake was on our side, it was so warm!!! I cannot be happier with our trip. I will be returning soon! Here is a portion of the pics that I took. You can find more on my facebook page

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Friday morning we headed out on the open road for Anthony's Step Moms family reunion. We didn't think we were going to be able to go due to work, but it all came together at the last moment. I want to take this moment to apologize (again) and to give a confession that happened during the reunion. I will apologize in letter form.....

Dear __________(Insert Secret Person),

I want to apologize again for walking in on you without a shirt. Although I feel as if it is 95% your fault, I still feel a small amount of guilt. I woke from my slumbers and had to use the restroom....and stat! I walked through the house and found an open door (please let me emphasize OPEN) and what did I find....YOU, without a shirt. Its okay, I understand, everyone was over getting breakfast, and we are all family. But I felt like you could at least have closed the door. Anyways, I'm sorry I startled you, and I'm sorry that I ran out of the house the way I did.

Here comes the confession. Remember when I was walking FROM breakfast, and you were walking TO breakfast?You were approaching me, we were the only ones around. You got closer, and then you almost started to talk to me. Well remember I grabbed my phone from my pocket and started to talk to my mom? Well, I want to be honest with you. There was no one on the phone. Its all a LIE! I really needed to avoid the awkwardness of discussing the shirt situation. So there it is, out in the open. I'm SORRY! I hope that we can get over this hurdle and that we can forget about it. I really hope that in reunions to come we can act as if it never happened. Thanks so much for your consideration in this matter. Love ya! Love Linds

Putting all of that aside, we had a great time. It is such a great family. During every activity and meal I got a better understanding of who they are and how much love they have for each other. Thanks every one for the fantastic meals and the friendly smiles. We look forward to reunions to come.

Monday, July 13, 2009

On the Menu.....

I go to Chili's periodically. My favorite thing on their menu is the quesidilla explosion salad. Although it is a salad, it doesn't mean it is healthy. It is packed to the brim with calories, around 850. Because my daily allowance is only 1000 calories, I have had to say goodbye to that lovely salad. As of lately I have found a new item to enjoy. The chicken fajita pita has half the calories at a slimming 380. Because I love it so much I decided to recreate it at home, and I actually enjoy my sauce more.

This recipes is a serving size of 2.

2 Flat Pita Bread
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Yellow Onion
2 Chicken Breast
1/2 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 c. Sour Cream
1/4 c. Mild Salsa
1/2 Tbs. Taco Seasoning

Chop peppers and onion into small slices. Heat in skillet. Meanwhile slice up thin pieces of chicken and throw in skillet. Add salt and pepper.

While chicken is cooking stir sour cream, salsa and seasoning together.

Right before chicken is thoroughly cooked, set the oven to broil. rub oil over pita and place in oven for about 5 minutes, or until corners are golden brown.

Place chicken and vegetables on pita and spoon a tbs of sauce over chicken and Enjoy!!!!

***It tastes better than this picture makes it look***

Friday, July 10, 2009


Shanna has a really spunky and entertaining step daughter named Ivy. She is here from Florida for 3 weeks. She decided to take her to lagoon. Shanna is a ride wimp, therefore she invited me to go so that Ivy would have someone to ride with. We then decided that it would be a better idea if Jill came too so that if I couldn't handle all the excitement, then Jill would be there to pick up the pieces. We had so much fun! We started off with Lagoon-a-beach. Lots of floating down the lazy river went on...the only story I have from the beach is this small moment......It started at the top of a tube slide.

Let me describe this ride. Firstly, you walk up about a million biggie, my big butt needs it. After getting to the top with my huge tube you (and about 10 other peeps) try your darn hardest to get on the tube in the water. There's a lot of legs and wailing going on. Then the tube slide "supervisor" pushes you down the slide. You go around one small little curve and then you slow down to another lil pool around where you wait to be pushed down by another "supervisor">>>>I understand that this may not make any sense. It does in my head instead of trying to explain in more detail I choose to just move on....

Alright, after the first turn there was a witch supervisor that blocked the next curve of the slide. This was our conversation....

***Please keep in mind that I am vulnerable on a tube***

Slide Witch: You have to take your shirt off.
Me: NO
Slide Witch: Why?
ME: Because I CAN'T (I am starting to panic, if I felt comfortable enough with my body, don't you think I would be wearing a small bikini instead of the long board shorts and shirt???)
Slide Witch: Well is it a swim shirt?
Me: YES! (this was a lie)
Slide Witch: No its not!
Me: Well I will absolutely not take my shirt off
Slide Witch: Well you are not allowed to go down then
Me: FINE! (where did she think I was going to go?)
Slide Witch: Fine I will let you down, but you cannot get back on again, you shirt will get snagged on the slide and I will get in trouble.
She then pushes me down the slide. And I continued to think...
How would my shirt get snagged on the slide...I'm on a tube. After discussing with Jill and Shanna we decided she is just a power hungry 16 year old. I guess kudos for her for following the rules. I went on other slides before her and nobody else had had a problem with my attire...

Anyways, after that I was a lil bugged and we all were a water logged. We then spent the next 5 hours riding every ride in lagoon (all the ride worthy rides I mean). Here's some pics. Enjoy. Sorry I ranted about the slide witch for so long. She bugged!

O and ps. I have a really wicked sun burn on my nose and forehead...its a sight to see (:

Waiting for the "beach" to open

Waiting in line

Do you see us?...yeah I don't either

ahaha this one is awesome

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I love lazy summer Sundays! After sitting around most of the day I decided to get off my butt and do something. I remember I had a million and 1 blueberries in the fridge that I needed to give some lovin to. Therefore I made these 3 yummy recipes.

Lemon Blueberry Bread, Blueberry Orange Bread & Blueberry Jam.

My house smells amazing! And the blueberries are so yummy and such a beautiful color. I got 2 huge packs at Costco. Go get some while they are still in season. Ive been eating them for breakfast with a granola and yogurt...yum yum. Anyways, that was my Sunday. I have no complaints. The kitchen is now clean and the dishes are washing in the dishwasher. I'm now going to sit down with a big slice of some blueberry orange bread and enjoy the rest of the night.

P.S I still have a huge bowl left of blueberries, if you have any delicious recipes, let me know. THANKS!

Wonderful Weekend

Me and Anthony had a busy/fun filled weekend....Did the title give it away?

After work on Friday we headed down to Tremonton for the night. We played water balloon volleyball, ate dads yummy dutch oven potatoes and bbq chicken. We attempted to light some fireworks, but soon after it started to get really windy....its ALWAYS windy in Tremonton.

Saturday morning Anthony and my dad got up at 5am and went fishing. Of course me and My mom slept in (: We then went to the store and picked up some supplies and I made some really cute cupcakes from my new cupcake book (thanks again Debbie). I also made a cheese ball for Shannas 4th of July bbq.

Around 5 we finally made it to Shannas where we indulged in lots and lots of yummy food and fun company. Afterwards me and Anthony decided to stay at the inn since it was so slow due to the holiday. We stayed in Romeo'e Retreat. Kristi and Matt met up with us and we all went up on the top of the parking structure and watched all the fireworks. You could see all of downtown. It was so much fun! All in all it was a really great weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend too! Heres a couple of pics from my moms.

Mom squishing my face...I wuv her!

Kristi getting squirted lol.

We put Matt in charge of filling the water balloons

Quite the action shot


Kristi and her bf Matt

Kristi, Me and Mom

Exhasuted from our game lol

My corn cupcakes LOL....get it....they look like ears of corn LOL