Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend events

It has been so long since my last post. I have a good excuse though. The Scrapbooking Convention took up every spare minute I had last week. Well it is finally over!!!!! I am 100% glad of that! Me, Shanna, and Summer worked the booth. Summer was fortunate enough to only have to stay until 5 on Friday. In the two days of the convention, me and Shanna put in 24 hours!!!!!!! It was brutal. We were really chipper the first day. I saw a lot of fun people that I haven't seen in awhile. We looked forward to the activities of the show. The dance off was my favorite. People will do almost anything for something free. I can't really remember anything too eventful on Friday. It was busy, lots of fun people in the 16 hours we were there. The one thing that really defined the day was within the first 5 minutes we arrived.

Me and Shanna were setting up the booth. We had a rod arch on the back of the booth that had our banner on it. I had made some stupid little decorations that I wanted hung from the arch. Me being short and having very stubby legs decided to "let" Shanna take care of hanging them up. She got on a folding chair and starting hanging them up. A man walked by and began telling me about something about the show. All of a sudden I looked back and Shanna totally fell!!! The chair folded up and her leg scrapped. Of course we took some pictures (it was a long day remember).

The picture doesn't do it justice AT ALL! It was swollen and from a side angle it was so bumpy. Poor thing. Today it was a lot calming down but a wicked bruise is homing in. So that was our event on Friday. Oh and the man that I was talking to while this all happened didn't even blink an eye. He gave me the paper, and continued on....RUDE.

Saturday was uneventful. We were constantly whiny and at times very witchy. We finally were relieved and we thought we were home free. Our feet hurt from wearing heels. Our cheeks hurt from the constant fake "seller" smile and we were so sick of hearing YMCA and other hideous songs over the speaker. We held our heads high as we carried our many boxes and bags out the big expo center doors........

As soon as we opened the doors the wind was howling and roaring. If felt as if the scrapbook gods were upset that we left an hour early. The wind was so bad that our skirts were blowing straight up in the air!!!! I had Knee Highs and after protection besides the obvious underwear. It was horrifying! We got to a safe area and put our boxes down and laughed and laughed. Of course near by watching all of this is a poor scout leader with his son trying to sell something. I apologize to the father, his son is now tainted. To make matters worse the father came over and tried helping us to the car. I started yelling...."Shanna you go get the car.....Sir PLEASE don't help!" Finally Shanna got the car, we gracefully held our skirts with one hand and our packages in the other as we loaded up the car. It was so embarrassing. We laughed most the way home. We barely survived the weekend. I will not be offering myself to another show for at least a month or two. Mostly because I get bored and whiny easily and partially because I hate the feeling of rejection. You go on and on about your product just for them to say...."Okay I will be back....Yeah right honey!"

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm going to bed and will most likely won't be up and around in time for breakfast....or even brunch. Enjoy the corny pics.

Me still semi happy

I wuv my boot! They are hot......and also painful!

Okay now we are sad....and grumpy, this is around hour 14. It looks like I'm wearing a horrible suit LOL.

The booth. Notice the arch where the leg incident occurred. The layouts on the left are the ones I stewed over for days. Stupid!

A blurry Shanna and a happy Summer. The beginning of the show when our hopes were high.

Horrible shot of me. Notice the candy jar on the bottom right....that's how we lured the woman in.

Shanna! She wore the cutest outfit. Look at the cute bag on the ground. It was only 9 bucks! I had to have it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Nothingness

It has been so long since I have written a post. Mostly just because nothing too exciting has happened. Last weekend I was at the Home & Garden Show. I got the opportunity to be an annoying vendor. You know the type....the saleswoman that stares at you as you get closer and closer to their booth. Then although you act uninterested that particular saleswoman still goes on and on and on about that ketchup bottle shaped backpack that you just CANNOT live without. Well as it turns out, I'm not the best saleswoman. And I'm fine with that. As the hours went on and more and more people passed I just wanted to hug some of them and tell them that I wasn't going to bother them. Some looked at me with pure hatred in their eyes, even before I said hello. Which was weird to me, they came to a show to be educated and to see the different things that were offered. So why won't they let me speak? I'm so glad that I am not a salesperson full time. Its too tough!

I really don't have any fun stories from the three long days at the show beside the horribly dressed woman. The winner of that contest reminded me of the deceased Latin singer Selena. This particular Selena look alike was wearing skin tight pants and a white skin tight leotard. The leotard had holes all down the sleeves. Of course she had the fakest boobs I've ever seen. The second I saw her I knew she was the winner of the show! In second place came the lady that wore spandex pants with the cuffs (aww the memories), big socks over the pants and to wrap it all together she wore green crocs. I love her. If a tornado came through her hair would have been the only survivor. You could smell all the hairspray and you could even see it! She was amazing. I believe she bought a gift certificate from us though, so therefore I will not continue on. So anyways, that was my weekend. Three days of selling and people watching.

Today I have off. I went to Roberts and bought some supplies. We are doing another show. I will be at the Scrapbooking Convention this weekend both days. I am in charge of making some layouts with some of the pictures of our rooms on them, they will be displayed at the show. I went to Roberts with the highest expectations. It was so amazing to me to go in and be completely overwhelmed. I felt a huge amount of pressure. I have a small budget. With that small amount of money I am to make something fantastic. And I just couldn't handle it. I bought a couple pieces of paper, some glue dots and one or two other things. And I was out of there. I'm hoping I can get some pages done before the show. Let me know if any of you are going to the show. I would love to say hello to you, and I promise, I will not turn my sales skills on you.

I really have no idea why I posted any of this. Its all very random but I just felt the need to post. When I get a page or two done I will take some pics and post them. Then you all can highly criticize how horrid they are. I crash under pressure......every time! Hope everyone is having a great week! Love ya all tons!

P.S Sorry if the Selena look alike is your relative....or the croc lady is your mom.