Saturday, May 30, 2009

Park City Overnighter

Park city is so close! Every time I arrive to that glorious city I always ask myself why it had been such a long time since I had been away. Shanna received a gift certificate from a local bed and breakfast. It was a free night stay to The Washington School Inn. We decided we would have a romantic night away from the men in our lives. It proved to be a great decision, because we had a blast!

After getting a cute little tour of the building we decided to get a pedicure. Before I begin with that I would like to recommend this lil treasure of a building. It is adorable! As the name basically gives it away, it use to be a school before an inn. Therefore, all the rooms are named after school teachers. We stayed in the Ms. Patterson room. It is only about $150 in the summer. They provide a great breakfast in the morning too. But be advised, I would stay away from it during the winter, the price shoots up to about $700.

Anyways, we went and pampered ourselves with pedicures. I have never gotten one before because of my ugly feet fears. I had such a great time. The Asian pro scrubbed and cleaned and massaged my legs, I purred like cat! He asked me what was wrong with my toes this is the conversation I had with him....
Asian Pro: What wrong with toe?
Linds: Umm nothing?
Asian Pro: No, you file down toenail? Too small!
Linds: hahah, no I didn't file them, my toenails are just really really small!
***Awkward silence***
Linds:its a family thing
Asian Pro:eeeew wow! Small small toes!

We then met up with Jill. I love her. We then went to loco lizard, and then stuffed ourselves. If you want to stop reading its fine. This is already long and boring, but I will continue on.

After eating we decided to walk around main street. Although it was a Friday night and only around 9:00, lots of the shops were closing. We went to a couple but were soon kicked out.

On our travels we met a really strange man. He was holding a falcon. We walked past him and we must have looks really curious and I'm sure we were talking really loud because he screamed out "ITS A FALCON!" And although we were already a couple of strides past him we turned around and approached him. We asked him what he was doing...Here is the conversation that followed. (If you are still reading, I applaud you)

Falcon Man:You can touch him if you want.
Jill and Shanna proceed to touch him, I pull out my phone and snap a picture (:
Jill, Shanna or Linds: What are you doing?
Falcon: Well, I am waiting for the crew, we are shooting a film and the falcon is in it.
Jill, Shanna or Linds: What is it called?
Falcon Man:It is called endangered animals (or something like that). This falcon has done a lot of films.
***He then pulls out a binder with lots of pictures of celebrities holding this infamous falcon***
Falcon Man: Go ahead ask me any celebrity, I will have him in this binder.
Jill, Shanna or Linds: BRAD PITT!
Falcon Man: Oh ummmmm, hes in my other binder (BS!)

We then ask some more questions about his funny eye covers and then Jill or Shanna asked him one or two more questions that had already been answered. We finally broke away from him and searched for something else to do. We also decided he was creepy and that he was most likely a liar. He was a great form of entertainment regardless tho.

Notice the binder it is sitting on. Such bull crap!

We then went to the last place open. A bar. We hid back in the far corner secluded from everyone and sat. I drank lots of water and we all giggled about the funny people around us. We (meaning mostly me) couldn't believe how obnoxious drunk people are. It was funny and exhausting. We finally got into bed around 1am. This morning when we woke up we got ready and headed to the outlet malls. Shanna surprised me with a $50 dollar gift card (THANKS AGAIN SHANNA AND SUMMER!!!) for an early birthday gift and we shopped until it was gone...I may or may not have gone over the 50 (: Anyways, it was a great stay! I came home to a clean house, and a garden in the front with a whole new watering system so I wouldn't even have to babysit the plants. What a great man! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Sorry this was so long.

Jill bought a troll chocolate troll. Shanna, luckily was kind enough to open it for her. You will see that troll numerous times.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Trip!

I am alive.
I hiked about 10 miles.
I was almost bitten by a rattle snake.
I peed in an ammo box (named groover) with a toilet seat over it.
Did I shower butt naked behind a rock like the others?
Heck NO! But I did shower behind that rock in clothes lol.
I wore a bright orange handkerchief around my neck in hopes of not getting a sunburn.
I came home with a terrible sun burn on my arms, neck and face.
I traded in my green flip flops for some hideous hiking boots.
I didn't wear makeup for 4 days.
I learned a lot about the desert, climate, animals, and myself.
Am I exhausted? YES!
Do I have many stories to tell from this trip? Of course!
Here's a tiny portion of the pics we came home with.

P.S If you click on the picture of my flip flops you can see how hairy my feet were lol. Clearly I didn't get that portioned waxed. I just wanted the world to know that I do realize how nasty it looks. I get it! It truely shows how adventurous I was out there. Thanks and love ya all!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I experienced pain. I will explain the horror of leg waxing.

I got to the salon and a nice lady asked me back to the room. She gave me a form and told me to fill it out and when I was finished she advised me to get on the table and put a towel on my legs....seems easy enough....or so I thought. After she left the room, everything seemed clear to me. This nice lady wanted me to drop my pants. If you know me....if you have even said hello to me, you know how insecure I am with things like this. I instantly shot up and peeked my head out the door. This is the conversation that enfolded...

Linds: Ummmmm Question!!!
Pain Giver: Yes?
Linds: Uh, can I just roll my pants up?
Pain Giver: Well, no we usually don't allow that because we don't want to risk getting wax on your pants.
Linds: ooooo no, its okay, I can just roll them up!!
Pain Giver: Yeah, sorry, we usually don't.

After finally convincing her that I wasn't going to drop my pants for her, I got on the bed. What happened the next 30 minutes was brutal. I want everyone to know though that I never once flinched, screamed, kicked or even teared up. I almost wish I would have handled it that way instead of what I really did. I talked, and talked and talked. I told this stranger about so many things. I told her about the whore that visits the inn frequently, I told her marriage things, how much I get paid, my fears of the upcoming Moab trip, and many many many things. I did not shut my mouth for 30 straight minutes. I think if I would have shut up for a second I wouldn't have been able to stand the pain lol. It is all so hilarious to me now. After she finished she got me set up for another appointment in 4 weeks. haha I don't know if I going to follow through with that or not. My legs were tingling for hours and red and sore. Here's a picture of what it looked like. I was going to post the before picture, but they really were nasty! So hairy, I just don't think I could let go of my pride!

OUCH! look how red they were! I took this fantastic picture while Shanna was being tortured.

Waiting to go in....we came from work...hence the work clothes (:

Anyways, I am still not sure if I recommend it or not. Give me a day or two for the shock to wear off. I am 100% sure of one thing way in heck would I ever do a brazilian!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is a song.....

This is a song of a Bear, Bear, Bear, who didn't have a thing he could Wear, Wear, Wear. So he Growled ferociously and scowled atrociously and grew himself a coat out of hair, hair, hair.

Me and Kristi had a tape with animal songs and that was one of them. Why am I blogging about that you may ask????

Because I feel like a freakin BEAR! I am counting down the days when I get my nasty hairy legs waxed! I am going on a 5 day camping trip to Moab with the in laws. I decided that I am going to be concerned about living through the event (I am NOT a hiker, and I have heard there are lots of spiders and creepy crawlies!). The last thing I want to be concerned about is my legs being hairy. The weather will be in the 90's and I refuse to take pants just because I won't be able to shave. So.....on Wednesday I will be getting these hairy beastly legs waxed. They have been growing in preparation for about 2 weeks. Anthony is horrified and I just cant take it anymore. The bear picture above is exactly what my legs look lie! I am terrified. If anyone has done this adventurous ordeal, please let me know. Stories and advice would be fantastic!

Monday, May 11, 2009

reality check

Picture this, it is 10:00 at night. I am of course sitting on the computer numbing my brain with facebook and blogger when all of a sudden I hear someone turn the door knob. Then when that certain someone couldn't get the door opened, due to it being locked, the doorbell began to ring. I froze, Anthony jumped up. He looked through the peep hole and it was two men. They were pounding on the door. I begin to wonder what they could's late, we don't know you! I turn the tv off and whisper (mostly begging) Anthony to not open the door. After about a minute we decide that they might be hurt or that they might have hit the car so we open the door. They were mumbling something about us letting them in....."Tell Corinna we are here"........After Anthony explained that they had the wrong door they stood there for a second and then walked off.

I was terrified. I have never ever felt safe in this neighborhood. It frightens me to think that we could have answered the door and it could have ended differently. I know they were drunk. I know I am acting really really dramatic but when Anthony is concerned then I feel like I can be. We finally settled back in and I heard him say "That worries me". I feel the same way. I am thankful that we are safe and that we have each other. I also am thankful that we don't have any lil ones on the west side. I am always super paranoid about EVERYTHING. It is due to many episodes of dateline and 48 hours mysteries, Grandma got me hooked years ago.

Anyways, I feel like I am overreacting and I feel as if I am 12 again. I'm sure once I fall asleep, it won't be such a big deal in the morning.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday KRISTI!!!


Today is my big sis's BirFday! Last night we went over to her house and made home made pizza and had cake and ice cream. Of course I forgot my camera. I figured someone else would have brought theirs....nope, josh, and my mom and dad both forgot theirs, and Kristi's wasn't charged.....bummer! Its the inlaws turn to have us over for Mother's Day so I gave my mom her present last night too. She got a really cute pair of pj's and a pink fluffy robe. My sister got a cute pair of capris and flip flops from me. Her real present hasn't came in the mail yet, hopefully soon. I made Kristi a cute cake. It was a disaster from the very beginning. I planned on making a big huge bundt cake. I was going to have one layer of red velvet cake, then a layer of brownies, then another layer of cake. It was a really good idea in my head. After it was done cooking I pulled it out and let it cool. I then turned it over and half the cake was still in the was a very depressing moment. here is how it looks.... (the following pics are from my phone....sorry)

Notice the top has a small amount of red velvet. I was very grumpy. So I made an executive decision. I took a huge knife and cut off the small amount of red velvet and then cut the huge brownie part. I think I made the right decision. It looked much better and I knew we wouldn't be able to eat it all anyways. After decorating, this is how it turned out.

Heres a pic of Kristi blowing out the candles. Jaden wanted to help too.

It was a really fun night! She is a really great sister. She is hilarious and although she's not very good at the Wii (at least she wasn't last night) she has a lot of great attributes. Here's a few things.....

#1 She has curly hair just like me. But unlike me, she knows how to tame it, everyone always gives her compliments about it. It makes me jealous. They just touch mine and say "you have natural curly hair huh?" a sad pathetic voice.

#2 She has a very sweet heart. She has a special spot in her heart for animals. If it was allowed she would have tons and tons of pets, but for now she just has fish. She called me the other day and said that Sam (her fish) had died after 3 years. She was devastated! I was so impressed that a fish could live that long! When we have fish their life span is about 3 months.

#3 She has an amazing photogenic brain!!! We will be watching a movie and I will see someone and I will say "what movie is that dude in?". She will have an answer within a minute. It sometimes is so annoying because I am terrible at that. Whenever its just me and Anthony he will always tell me to call Kristi....cuz she ALWAYS knows!

#4 She is hilarious! Whenever we are together we just laugh and laugh. We basically have the same brain.....besides the actors part. We can look at each other and know exactly what we are thinking. When we were little we would sit down for Sunday dinner and just laugh and laugh. We then would get in trouble and our parents would make us go to our rooms to calm down. We never really learned reverence.

#5 She is creative. She probably will say that she isn't, but she really is. She is really good at interior decorating. She doesn't do a lot of crafting, because she says that she can't. But she can! She is a wicked modge podger!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Lindsey & Anthony

Very Seldom do I get to do a post about me and Anthony. But this is entirely about us!!! YAY!! We had a most wonderful weekend together! Since we were not able to do anything for our Anniversary we booked a night at the Castle Creek Inn. I won a free night stay at work at our Christmas party and I've been eagerly waiting to use it. It was such a fun night. When we arrived we walked around the beautiful grounds. I made Anthony take lots of corny pictures. He was really sweet to sit through all of them. He absolutely hates taking pictures. After that we went to our room and played uno and phase ten. To some people that may sound oober boring but it was so nice to sit with him. Its weird to see him without the laptop lol. There was no blaring TV or other distractions. It was heaven. We stayed in the Romeo & Juliet suite. It was adorable. I especially loved the lil balcony. All in all it was a fantastic stay that we both really needed. I told him that we are going to start going there every year. Besides the awkward moment when a past employee served me breakfast, it was perfect. Check our their website