Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To the man across the street......

I looked out the window and what did I see...

Well definitely not popcorn popping on the apricot tree. No! Instead I saw this. Please keep in mind that this is not the first time I have had the unfortunate opportunity to view this.

Notice the quality of the photo....I had to sneak behind the curtains, and in between the blinds to get this shot....Also the flash went off, which put me in a panic attack........What if his just as hot partner saw the flash from my house....O boy! ** Do you see the light in his window...ahahah yep thats me lol***

Anyways, I just wanted to shout to the world that this is WRONG!!! Let this be a warning...and a reminder, PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR NEIGHBORS! Be weary of your cracks at all times! This shouldn't be too much to ask....Thanks!

Love Linds

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Favorite Treat

I recently bought "The Biggest Loser Cookbook". It has proven to be a great buy. Tonight I made two delicious recipes from the book. For dinner we started off with a healthy spinach salad, with only almonds and frozen peas. Then the entree....

(Top Photo from Cookbook)

(there isn't a pic of the sauce, we ate it too quickly to get a pic lol)

*These pics look horrible, but I wanted the world to know that I really did make it (:*
YUM! It was so good. I made chicken meatballs and homemade tomato sauce. The chicken took the longest time I had to cut up all the chicken by hand. I then mixed it with egg whites, basil, Italian breadcrumbs, garlic powder, and onions. I couldn't tell you how much of each item I used, I kind of just threw it all in. Then I toasted the bread with some fake butter spray and sprinkle some more basil and mozzarella on it. After the bread was all toasted, I smothered the chicken and bread with my home made sauce. The sauce was really yummy and it was really easy. Basically it was just tomato chunks(Italian style), tomato paste, basil, garlic, onions. It turned out amazing! I even pulled out the candles and cloth napkins for dinner tonight. Then came dessert.

Super easy and so divine!!! (pic from cookbook)

First, scrape out all the innards of a fresh lemon. Freeze it for 3 hours or more. Then right before you eat, blend fresh blackberries, vanilla yogurt, a tiny sprinkle of splenda and a sm dash of lemon juice. Then shovel into lemon and enjoy. I put a couple of beautiful berries on top of ours as a garnish. Then I was so excited to eat it and forgot to take a pic of it. The color is beautiful against the yellow. I am going to make this for a 4th of July party we are attending! I can't wait to make it again, its so yummy!

If you want the "real" recipes for either of these scrumptious items let me know. The lemon dessert was only about 200 calories, the chicken sandwich was about 400. Not bad for a whole meal, plus dessert.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Cottonwood Canyon Hike

Anthony loves hiking. I, on the other hand........well I don't love it, per se, but I endure it. He decided to take me up Big Cottonwood Canyon this morning up the Mineral Flats Trail. It was beautiful! The temperature was perfect! I thought it was going to be a stroll in the park. He would never take me on a hike that was strenuous....or so I thought. After about 10 minutes I quickly discovered that this was not going to be so easy. It was all up hill. Up hill meaning mountain. I was heaving, and clutching my lungs as if I was going to faint at any moment. He on the other hand was oblivious to any physical pain.

We went up about 3 miles. We were almost to the top (we had about 1/2 a mile) when I finally collapsed(not literally, I just stomped my feet and started pouting) and said "I can't do this anymore". He was a little bummed, but I felt as if I has gone as far as I possibly could. There wasn't much terrain that was level.....just all up (definitely hard on the moral).

Before we headed back we did find a Geo Cache Site. It is totally dorky but in my own defense I think of it as treasure hunting. We finally found a orange little tube that had all the people that had visited the site. We added our names and put it back. There was another site that was supposedly a big green ammo box, that was going to have something exciting in it.....alas...after searching for 45 minutes we finally decided to abort and head back.

It really was fun though, we discussed that I'm not really a hiker, just a happy person that enjoys "nature walks". He is so set in getting to the destination, I am content with enjoying everything around me. We saw a couple of waterfalls and lots of bugs. I wanted to thanks Leonard again for the hydration pack and walking stick....those came in handy!!! We decided that we would come back and finish the hike in about a month. Hopefully by then I can do the whole thing.

Anyways, this is probably really long but when we got back my feet, thighs, arms, butt...etc...etc were killing me. I took my shoes off and there was a huge chunk of skin off my foot and lots of blisters. Of course Anth didn't have any blisters......I have no idea how that was possible. I took lots of nasty pics of it and sent it to my mom with a cute lil message that said "IM ALIVE" I really am going to need another pedicure. Anyways, we had a good time together. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better Together

I stole an idea from a friend. She has started doing a date night every week. This is not new, lots of happy couple do this. I decided that me and Anthony really needed to start this. We both are so busy and at times it seems like we are just room mates. I discussed with him and he decided it would be beneficial. We set some rules. We would go every Thursday, I know today is Wednesday, but oooops, I made plans for tomorrow already(Shanna & Jill, I'm so excited for the Arts festival tomorrow!). Also, the other rule is that out of the 4 weeks of the month, only two of the weeks can be an event where we spend money.

Tonight was our first night. I got to choose what we did. I decided since it was such a beautiful day, we would go miniature golfing. It was so fun!!!! I totally was pummeled by Anthony's wicked skills, which is weird, because I some how managed to get two hole in ones!!! After we golfed we went to 7-11 for a much needed hydration break. I was going to be good and just get a water but then I noticed a slurpee that was sugar free!!! It was if the heavens had opened up just for me!!! Crystal light and less than 4 calories per ounce. I got a huge one! I added it up and it was about 130 calories...I got about half way through and got sick. I still am super full and all i want to do is barf it up. So I bet I only had about 65-70 calories worth. Which was a great treat...besides wanting to purge of course. All in all it was a great night, and we discussed how great of an idea it was. I wonder where he will take me next week?!?! Enjoy the pics from my phones.

YAY! we love us some mini golf!! Yes, I know my hair is cut, that is for another post!

My second hole in one! YAY

umm..action shot

Anth and a beautiful day!

Anth, happy to be away from work

My first hole in one!!!

Me and my sugar free slurpee...right before I wanted to purge it!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I just finished watching The Big Announcement episode of The Jon and Kate plus Eight Show. I am beside myself with so many different emotions. I literally fell apart and cried while listening to Jon and Kate discuss their future. It is so upsetting to me to watch this precious family fall apart. Everyone is getting a divorce. I watch family members and friends as they deal with the same issues time and time again. I have thought in my head numerous times in the past year or two, "If Jon and Kate can make it, ANYONE can!" Now what?

Marriage is hard, gosh is it hard! I have learned so many different strategies during the last couple of years. Its a battle between give and take. Also, working at your marriage is something that you can't ever put on the shelf.....not for a minute. I feel like I have lost a tiny bit of faith in marriage after watching what Jon and Kate has gone through. This is ridiculous I know....I don't personally know these people, I will probably never meet or even see them. But I feel for them, I sympathize and wish that things would have turned out differently.

I love Anthony, and I'm glad that we continue to strive to be better for each other, that we have been married in the Temple so that we can be together forever. I realize how emotional I may sound, and how bizarre this post may be, but for some reason, it hit close to home for me. I hope that everyone is doing well, and that their homes are a place of happiness and peace.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A recommendation and a big THANKS!

This is such an adorable book! If you love making creative cupcakes, I recommend getting it!!! I got it from Debbie (Anthony's adorable step mom) for my birthday. We had the whole clan over for dinner last night.

I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone for coming and for making my birthday a special one! Thanks, Leonard, Debbie, Mike, Erin, Cameron & Stacie, Grandma Pat, Tyrel and Haven!

I was completely spoiled! I got some hiking stuff, perfume, a super cute hat, bracelets, blow dryer, gift cards, and some really cute cards.

Also I can't forget Anths mom and Step dad for getting me some really cute cushions for my patio chairs. And Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hammond for the Card.

Mom, Dad, Kristi, Josh, Varinia and Jaden. Thanks so much for driving all the way down here on Saturday. I love the many things you got for me. Kristi...The table runner looks adorable in the kitchen, also I love the earring! Mom and Dad, Thanks for the perfume, and movie. I have used both of them numerous times already lol. Josh and Varinia and Jaden, Thanks for the Gift Card, I can't wait to use it!

Like I said, I got completely spoiled! I'm so glad I got to see everyone tho! It was so fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love today!

Today has been amazing! Nothing has happened, and I love it! I had a really crazy weekend which included 2 bday parties, lots of hours at work, and lots of rushing around. I will post pics from birthday parties tomorrow....after my last one lol. Birthdays are crazy when you have 3 families.

Anyways.....today consisted of me waking up at 10 (I know! So disgustingly lazy!). I decided I would color my hair. So after about 2 hours of coloring and only getting a couple of spots on the bathroom rug, my pj pants, and counter, I finally accomplished it. My hair is now a burgundy color. It looks nice. Not too drastic.

(kind of hard to tell, it is red tho)
After I cleaned up my mess, I decided to go to the store and pick up dinner supplies for the party tomorrow. I had a good time, no rush. I got home put all the groceries away and then realized I hadn't eaten all day. I then made me a delicious cheese, canadian bacon, and salsa omelet for a total of only 190 calories. I took my delicious lunch outside on the patio. It was such a magical moment to sit outside without the rain and sweaty sun. I read a couple chapters of a recent book and just enjoyed my life. It was just perfect.

I am now enjoying some mango while watching "He's just not that into you" for the second time this week. It is my current favorite flick. So funny, I recomment it 100%. To some it may sound like a totally lame day, but I have loved it! The house is clean, I haven't had one call from work, and I am back in my pjs. Awww yes....this is bliss!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I am 3 days into this diet. It seems kind of silly to be doing an update already but I feel as if I have made so much progress already. Sunday night I put together a menu for the whole week. Then I calculated all the calories I would be consuming each day. It was amazing to me to see how every little thing adds up so quickly. Who knew that sunflower seeds were so caloric? I have to shout to the world of a couple of accomplishments I have made in the last 3 days.....

#1 Yesterday I went with Shanna to pick up treats for our monthly front desk meeting. We went to Cummings to get a couple dozen chocolate covered strawberries. You can now purchase them at the inn so we wanted the employees to try them out. While at Cummings they asked us which free sample we wanted.......I didn't get one!!! Was it on my menu for the day? No! So therefore I skipped it! YAY Linds

#2 Did I eat 1, 2 or 3 chocolate covered strawberries during the meeting? NO!!!! GO LINDS!!!

#3 Did I scarf down the Cafe Rio Nachos that Jill freely offered....NO! (that one was hard tho!)

#4 When the big time boss came from Logan today for a visit and offered more Strawberries, did I gobble them up? NO! HURRAY FOR LINDS!!!

This diet ("life style change") is my Everest. It feels like I am at the summit. I just need to keep climbing (haha this sounds so corny!!!) I am going to make it I can just tell! I am ready!

I would like to share two simple lil recipes that I have tried. I recommend.

Black Beans and Avocado!
1 Avocado-Cut in half and pit (dur!)
1 can black beans (I only used half)
some fresh garlic
chopped up red and green peppers
1 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Lightly stir the last 6 items. Place them in the avocado and enjoy! MMM
Only 250 cal !!!
I just made this ahead for my lunch tomorrow. I plan on an apple and string cheese with it.

Wheat Fake Pizza

1 wheat tortilla
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup pizza sauce (I used a little less)
5 slices of Canadian bacon

Broil in oven until cheese is melted
fold over in half
Only 320 Cal

I ate this for dinner with fresh corn on the cob and a cup of soy milk.....some may say that eating a 200 cal frozen dinner would have been better, but would have filled me up? No! I am full, and satisfied....AND I don't need dessert.

Things are going good! If you have any pieces of advice or yummy recipes under 400 cal, please pass them along! I am going to go a whole month without any treats. So please don't send desserts. I will get bitter and angry...haha jk

Love linds

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pics (sm amount) more to come

May or May Not Happen

So I forgot to add something to that last post, I felt like it was a totally different subject though. While in St. George I noticed how much weight I had put on. Of course I knew it, the pants are tighter, the face is bloated, the swimming suit is still unappealing. It just got to me I guess. After complaining all weekend my Mom made me a deal. I have until Dec 31 to lose 50 pounds. If by Dec 31 I have made huge progress then she will send me and Anthony to Disneyland for 4 days. I was kind of apprehensive at first. That is a ton of weight. But what do I have to lose? Just the idea of being able to find clothes that fit will be a reward. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow to get lots of healthy foods. I'm going to commit to no more red meat (after my birthday party this weekend) and due to my stomach issues I am going to stop milk and switch to soy milk. This is going to be a hard endeavor. I have dieted a lot, and I know how hard it is going to do. But I really want a trip LOL...especially since it would be just me and Anthony. And I really want to be happy again. Wish me luck!!!

St. George & Zions

I just got back from a relaxing trip in St. George with my family. My weekend was filled with lots of trips to the swimming pool, games, hikes, food, and laughing at all the silly things that Jaden (nephew) did. The first night we got in late so we basically just ate dinner and then went to bed. 2nd day we went up snow canyon, had a picnic and took a little nature walk.

3rd day me, Anth, Josh and Dad went to Zions and hiked a couple of miles up the narrows. The narrows is a river.....the water came up to my waste sometimes, it was freezing!!! I don't have any pics of that just yet. My dad took all those pictures. I will hopefully get them from him within the next day or two. The hike was exhausting. It was a constant fear that I would fall over in the river and be completely drenched, it was windy and only in the 70's so we had goosebumps most of the time. We went up about 2 miles and then noticed that the sky was getting pretty dark. We were warned about flash floods so we decided to head back. It was a good idea because about 20 minutes after we got out of the water it started to rain. I only ended up with 2 blisters and a sore back (: We got back to the condo and I immediately jumped into the hot tub.

Today we got up, packed and headed home. It was a really fun time! Thanks Mom and Dad for the great vacation! Love you tons and tons!

Here's a few pics. They aren't as good as the Zions pics tho (again, they will be posted soon).