Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you-Thank you

This is a shout out to the Pizza Hut that entertained me profusely as I was waiting for my cheap dinner. As I walked in I instantly knew that I was going to end up with a great blog. I ordered my pizza without an incident. I sat down on the uncomfortable benches and looked across the way at the lovely couple. The chick was a mess. Let me try my best to explain her. ***I am in no way judging her, we all have these days where we don't want to look our best, but I just want you (the reader) to feel as if you are there...that's all. *** She was wearing purple crocs, yellow pajama pants with colored rainbows, and an oversized hoodie. Her hair was curly. It looked like my curly hair from back in my highschool years. You know the look. The "look" appears as if you used a brush to frizz it up and then shoved it in a beanie so the top is flat and the bottom flares out. Her man was wearing skinny jeans and a pacman shirt. I was decked out in my work attire and felt very overly dressed.

I tuned into their conversation and this is what I was privileged to hear. The conversation is choppy. I had to text my friend Shanna during some of it because I couldn't believe it. Therefore I only got bits and pieces.

Rainbow Bright: My parents live really south of here.

Mr Pacman: Oh really? Where do they live?

Rainbow Bright: They live up in Logan. It's really South of here.

***Does anyone spot the flaw in this?***

Mr. Pacman: Isn't that north?........yeah I think that is north.

Rainbow Bright: You are so dumb, no silly it is south.

Rainbow Bright: Can I tell you something? Its personal but I normally tell this to people on 3rd dates. So here goes. I have a tattoo on my Ace*.

Mr. Pacman: Wow, You do? Wow! That's really cool!

Rainbow Bright: yep, it's a nose. I have a nose tattoo on my ace*

Mr. Pacman: holy cow that is really cool!

Rainbow Bright: Don't ask why (she then winks)...***EEEEW I didn't want to know either***

Rainbow Bright: O shoot! I just realized that we got a large pizza and I usually eat 4 to 5 pieces of pizza and that usually doesn't fill me up so we better get an order of breadsticks.

Mr. Pacman: I would do anything for you!

After this cherry of a conversation they began to talk about their future house (apparently this young man wasn't turned off by the grotesque tattoo conversation). She has 60, 000 in debt so they probably won't get a nice house for awhile. But their children (wow this relationship is moving fast) will make lots of money and will eventually donate a house to them.

After they finally got their pizza they left. And I was then there all alone with my thoughts of the future mutants they were going to create one day.

Suddenly I hear an employee in the back say "I once had to deliver to the biggest witch! If I wasn't so nice and medicated I would have shot her in the face." The manager started yelling at him and said "If you say something like that with a customer at the front again you are gone." I started to laugh because it all was just hilarious to me by now. He came up to the front and looked at me and said "you didn't hear anything did you? "Oh no! I heard nothing at all, I said. "See boss, she didn't even hear." The manager looked at me and apologized and I said something to the affect of "there is one in every job." He stopped in his tracks and shouted, "if my boss wasn't here I would flip you off, right here and now! But because she is standing here, I am going to forgive you and call you my brotha!" I thanked him, grabbed my hot pizza and went home.

Who knew that a short trip to a local pizza shop would bring such joy? The west side is a treat. In my day to day conversations I mention my town in a negative tone many times. I sometimes feel bad. I don't tonight. I have been proven right time and time again about how ghetto my town is. I never ever had so many great stories in Midvale. That may be because we lived in an old geezer condo community. None the less, this place is a new adventure every day. Sorry this was so long, I just felt like it was too good to not pass along. I hope everyone else had as good a night as I. Thanks Again Pizza Hut!


Shanna said...

LOL, I cannot believe your night..what a trip! I absolutely love that Logan is "south" of here...hmmmm, makes you wonder if she is even aware of where she is from. Oh and btw I'm really glad you didn't get flipped off. LOL

Shanna said...

That is a really great question...maybe it's a nose with a ring...kind of a punk nose? Maybe, just maybe it is one of those drawn noses that looks like a butt.

Shanna said...

These are my feelings based on the conversation you overheard...she was not drunk, and she is proud. She probably thought long and hard about what to get on her big ace and decided that nothing would be better than a nose...very unique you know?

My night is going pretty good, I'm actually getting ready for read tho...not to sleep! It is only 8 you know!?!

Shanna said...

I will be here for you...even if I'm not online you can always text me! Have a great day tomorrow, I'm going to be cleaning! Woot! Night.

Jill said...

on 2nd dates or 3rd dates you wear crocs? and rainbows? This conversation being held between these two is unbelievable (almost) and wait, a date at pizza hut? Weird.

I love their crust though! Im so hungry

Rachel said...

Haha, I'm so glad I read this in the morning! What a great start to my day. Thanks for sharing your funny stories.

Alicia said...

That's awesome. People are so weird. You'd think she'd pick something else to talk about with you sitting right there, but she obviously isn't a very shy person. Well, thanks for the laugh.

Shanna said...

I too am sad about my mom asked about it when she came over. Justin tried to claim that he was sweeping when it broke...ummm NO...that man does not sweep. We had a laugh then my heart was sad again.
I am highly anticipating my Xmas gift from you...I have yours, but alas it is not yet wrapped and I didn't have it in me to get paper out tonight. One day, one day soon it too will join the others under my tree.

Shanna said...

So...the wifi doesn't reach to the new building. I borrowed a cord from the front desk, followed the phone cord into the wall, registered this network, and logged into your blog sure that you would have a new post. I am shock-ed...I am a little butt hurt. You are gone, and I am here and I can't chat so I was hoping for a great blog where I could post a great comment. There is nothing. So, this comment is basically nothing. Maybe a long nothing, but still nothing.
Love, Shanna