Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goal Week Three

Spending as little as possible

Hi, This is not an easy feat. I would like to start off by saying that I tried as hard as I could. Okay, so maybe not. The breakfast burrito and Starbucks (everyone knows that I get the non-coffee drinks right?) that one day was needed. I took Anthony to the airport at 530am and I was exhausted during my work shift. I did have to buy Kaylee a wedding present yesterday. And I was in Logan without food so I had to go to Iron Gate for dinner.....and then we had to grab dessert later. Lets sum this up, I DID AWFUL! I am going to do better this week. You wait and see. My goal this week is going to be interesting. I look forward to next week. I feel as if this week was unattainable and cruel. That is all.

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Shanna said...

It was a pretty unrealistic goal this week...especially considering the trip to Logan. You can't go out of town without spending! Overall though, you did ok...better than you could have right?